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  • Hand in hand global missions
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    Today, the majority of Christians live in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The number of African Christians has increased more than 4,400 percent since 1900. By 2025, there will be almost 600 million Christians in Africa and 456 million in Asia, and by 2100, there will be three times more Christians in the global South than in the North, where Christianity is on the decline.
  • We support several ELCA Missionaries. Click on the links below to read what these missionaries are doing in their monthly newsletters.
  • Kirsten Laderach, The Moraska-Madrussans, and The Fonners
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  • Self Help Inc.
  • Consultants are ready to help.
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church :: Outreach Self Help
    Self Help, Inc. is committed to enhancing life skills and empowering individuals by providing programs and services that focus on developing self-reliance.
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  • St. Elizabeth Shelter
  • Helping Santa Fe’s homeless
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church :: Outreach St. Elizabeth Shelter
    St. Elizabeth Shelter is a multiple-program organization created in 1986 to address the needs of Santa Fe’s homeless population. We currently run seven programs including an emergency shelter for men; an emergency shelter for women and families; three transitional housing programs for individuals with disabilities, seniors, and families; a biweekly resource center; and a homeless court.
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  • Navajo Mission
  • Housing for Navajo People
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church :: Outreach Navajo Mission
    Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission exists to connect diverse communities to the needs of the Navajo People by creating a safe environment where the values of education, culture, and spiritual formation are accessible to all people.
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